Pet Trimming and Grooming Services in Bismarck, ND

Pet Trimming and Grooming Services in Bismarck, ND

When's the Last Time Your Pet Had a Bath?

If you don't have the time or energy to bathe your pet, take them to Pet Place Grooming Inc. instead. We provide pet bath and grooming services in Bismarck, North Dakota. Our team will have your fur baby squeaky clean in no time.

Call 701-222-2895 now to make an appointment for pet trimming in Bismarck, North Dakota. We service clients from the Mandan, North Dakota area as well. We charge based on the size and breed of your pet. 

You'll hardly recognize your pet once we've groomed them

We'll give your four-legged companion a full makeover. Our grooming services include a bath and brush-out package. After your fur baby has had their pet bath, we'll:

  • Blow dry their fur
  • Trim and style their hair
  • Trim their nails
  • Express their anal glands
  • Clean their ears

Trust us to make your pet look like the Best in Show. Reach out to us today to learn about the benefits of routine pet trimming.