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Give Your Good Boy The Best Reward

Your four-legged friend deserves more than treats every once in a while. Take them to Pet Place Grooming Inc. for a day of pampering. We provide all kinds of pet spa treatments in Bismarck, North Dakota. You can treat your pet to a creative grooming session, such as Asian fusion style haircut. Your pet will be sporting an Instagram-worthy look once they leave our shop.

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Are your fur baby's nails getting too long?

We'll give them a pet pedicure at our Bismarck, North Dakota dog spa. A technician will trim and paint your pet's nails to make them safer and prettier. You won't have to worry about your pet scratching you or breaking their nails once we've finished our work.

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Take your fur baby to a five-star pet spa. We offer many other kinds of pet spa services.

Take your fur baby to a five-star pet spa. We offer many other kinds of pet spa services.

Ear Plucking

Dead hair inside the ear canal can bind and trap moisture and debris inside the ear leading to ear infection. Removing the hair allows air to flow and the ears an opportunity to dry.

Ear Cleaning

After the bath the ear canal is filled with a gentle cleaning solution used to break up wax and debris which is then removed with cotton and Q-tips.

Teeth Brushing

Our teeth brushing is not meant to replace routine dental cleanings preformed by a veterinarian, but rather to aid in maintaining good oral hygiene with the use of an enzymatic toothpaste.

Deep Conditioning

A luxury Re-moisturizer is applied using a hot towel technique to deeply penetrate your pets skin and coat. This treatment is great for those suffering from dandruff and dry skin especially during the winter months.

Salt Soak

This spa treatment uses the benefits of dead sea salts and warm water to aid in relaxing sore stiff muscles as well as nourishing the skin and coat. This service will add extra time onto the groom.

Sugar Scrubs

This spa treatment uses oils and raw sugar to exfoliate dead skin away and can aid in the treatment of rough skin, clogged pores and even mild dermatitis. This service will add extra time onto the groom.

Nail Services

Nail trims are included with every groom but they can be ground smooth using a special Dremel tool for $5 more. We also offer nail painting of your choice of over 30 colors for $10. Another option is Soft Paws Nail Caps which are a rubber cap that is applied to the nail using an adhesive, these typically stay on 2 to 6 weeks depending on your pet.

We offer a wide variety of creative options and dyes including Perminant that stay in until the fur is cut, Semi-perminant that will fade with washing. Temporary that will wash out in 1 to 2 baths, glitter and chalk. We like to play and be creative and learn so we offer these services for very low cost.

As the name suggests this style of groom originated in Asia and sets the goal of creating very friendly almost stuffed animal looking grooms. They often have short bodies that are lower maintenance allowing your pet to be able to wear clothing without creating mats while the legs are often left longer and more flowy. Ask us to see pictures of our favorite styles!